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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So. How be thee?

Hey all! I never talk to anyone these days. How are you guys?

I'm doing good! School's going great, I love my Latin teacher so much. She's amazing. Also, my Bio teacher has made me fall in love with science.


Yays! ALSO OMG next week is homecoming week and Thursday's theme is HARRY FREAKING POTTER. I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW.


  1. YAAAY!!!! Yay for awesome Latin teachers!! And yay for homecoming! And double yay for HARRY FREAKING POTTER!!!!! WHEEE!!!
    I'm calling you now. XD

  2. NO. WAY.

    Your school's Homecoming theme was HARRY POTTER?!?!?! That's sooooo awesome!!!!!! Btw, how is everything in the way of blogs and life and cats? Oh, and speaking of Mr. Potter, if you haven't already heard of this (which, quite conceivably, you already have) you NEED to go to the url below RIGHT NOW! It's the fan-made Harry Potter musical, A Very Potter Musical!!!!!!!!!!:


    And, fellow Harry-Potter-fan-nerdfighter, I urge you to memorize all the songs and belt them out amongst your friends. I'm doubly glad that your Latin teacher is awesome and that you are now in love with science. Please don't neglect to send me a wedding invite, and I'll invite you to MY wedding with the calculator. I'll post back soon and


    ~Nerdette Ari ^_^

  3. I LOVE AVMP. It's like my soul. :D