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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I like ripping off people.

Just kidding.
Olivia, I really hope you don't mind I "stole" your idea...
FULL CREDIT TO OLIVIA (http://talesofagreeneyedgirl.blogspot.com/) FOR THIS.

Anyway, here's the thing I borrowed... XD

So this week I have been...

...laughing because: I hid my brother's bear in the bathroom cupboard by piling pad boxes on him. You had to be there. XD

...depressed because: all sorts of random crap that is both irrelevant and unimportant.

...freaking out because: MAUREEN JOHNSON SPOKE TO ME ON TWITTER!!!! (proof)

...reading: Autumn Quest by Terie Garrison

...listening to: Muse

...writing: a BEDA blog


This weeks photo:

So thanks to Olivia for coming up with a good idea like that!
Talk to ya later.

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