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Monday, June 22, 2009


I went to the Botanical Gardens recently, and it was breathtaking. Nature is so fantastic. It's just amazing how... brilliant the Earth is. It's beautiful.

And I got to thinking... why don't more people appreciate this miracle of life, the tiny miracles we take for granted? Like the rain. I just think, "this is falling from the sky. There is water pouring out of the sky. How fantastic is that?!"
Or butterflies. They turn from caterpillars to beautiful butterflies just by going inside a cocoon! How amazing is that?! It's freaking AMAZING!!!
But people tend to either ignore these miracles or pick them apart. They want to know how, why, so that they can chemically alter it. So that they can control it. Have power over it. Covet it.
I want to know and learn, don't get me wrong. But when I think about how some people spend all their days sitting and reading books in their rooms about the chemical processes that make rain fall or butterflies grow, and never go out in it, I can't help but wonder: doesn't that take away from the miracle of life itself?
I think I could learn so much just by sitting and watching a butterfly emerge from a chrysalis.
So why must we always have to know to be?
Why can't we just simply...


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