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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Nasty

Twitter's nice and all, but some of the spamming is starting to creep me the hell out.
This person is following me named Tabatha Griffin. I'm like, "ooh who is this?", like any normal person would, right?
Well I DARE not repeat what their lone Tweet was, because it made me want to spew all over the place. Let's just say it had to do with... the nasty. And boy parts.

Head, meet desk. *headdesk*

Yep. Anyway, how've you all been?


  1. Nice.... Don't you just love people like that?

    (secretly I now want to know what they wrote. I also don't want to)

    Hey your online! Yes!
    See, ya!

    ~ Olivia :)

  2. I was wondering, whats your BEDA blog??? Whats BEDA???

  3. BEDA is Blog Every Day April, which is something author Maureen Johnson started where you blog every day in April. There's a whole bunch of people who do it and there's a whole community of bloggers now since it started. It's really cool!

  4. Wow, this random person follows you on Twitter and the first thing they say to you is something about nasty boy parts??? The "headdesk" is definitely a natural reaction. You still working on those knitted scarves for Christmas? If you knit anything like I do, I'd suggest that you start now, because as *addicting* as knitting is, it tends to get put off and put off and put off... Picking out pretty yarn is really fun!!! :D

    ~Nerdette Ari

  5. I KNOW RIGHT? It was so creepy.

    I am trying to... I know exactly what you mean about the putting off part. :P

    I love yarn. Yarn is the funnest thing ever. It's so pretty. Yay!

    On that note, yes. I am a procrastinator. And this will not help my scarf-knitting desires.

    Thanks, Ari, for being an excellent comment-er. It maketh me happy.