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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

converse and Maureen Johnson-esque self-portraits

Big exciting news!
I have just acquired the most amazing magenta converse ever created.

They are so freaking cool.
I also had the inspiration from Maureen Johnson's book covers (look 'em up)
To make this little baby:

I think it basically rocks.
The setup and editing of this thing was intense. You have noooo idea.
Does it look like I'm showing you my butt? Maybe.
But I rather like my butt, so that all works out.

Anyway, had an AWESOME time with Olivia and the other homeschoolers today at the park.
I freaking love homeschoolers.
I still want to go to high school in the fall, but I will be hanging with those kids every chance I get.
I kinda want to watch the Twilight movie. Random desire, but what can you do?
I think I need to buy it.

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