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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm wide awake, it's morning.


First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes



  1. Awesome, I'm totally looking for new music!!!!!! And I just finished reading Paper Towns too (it's only my second time, sadly)!!! That book is just so totally awesome, in the most literal sense possible. And I'm so sorry I haven't commented recently, but I'll make up for it by making this a reeeeeeeeeeeally long comment! :D

    In this segment, we'll explore the newly renovated parts of Audrey's blog!:

    -I love your blog's header picture!!! It's so cool looking; where'd you get it?
    -You have an awesome new music player! I really liked the cool camo one that looked like an iPod too.
    -Your profile says that you live in Hogwarts, Maine. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! XD

    And that's all for this segment, folks! I will comment again sometime soon, Oh-Awesome-Fedora-Person!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~Nerdette Ari

  2. Ari, you make my life, just so you know. <3