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Thursday, August 20, 2009

No one leaves me comments anymore

This saddens me.

So. I just finished reading Paper Towns for honest-to-god the 10th time since last November. I am filled with the intense joy. John Green is the best author ever. I love him.

Also, I'm babysitting tonight. A little nervous, but I know the kids. Just, I'm watching the baby this time, not 8-year-old Emily and 6-year-old Jonah. Little Ruby is like 6 months old. So. A little scawwy.

But! I have to earn poster money somehow. XD I still want a Harry Potter 6 poster AND I'd like a new shirt from Hot Topic.
So. Yeah. I'm gonna babysit Ruby.

Hey, it'll be good. Welp, bye!
ALSO. Leave me comments OR ELSE.


  1. Hey you ! I'm leaving you a comment then to say I'm still reading you!

    Don't worry about the babysitting thing. I've been babysitting my former neighboor's baby for two years now and everything's all right? I'm mean now he's not really a baby anymore (he's turning 3 in december) but when I got him he was like 8 months old or something and everything was just cool. Anyways, good luck with that, and earning money lol !

  2. Yaaaaay! You're my new favorite person! :D Yeah, the babysitting went fine, I'm so glad. :)

  3. Yay for babysitting! Yay for money! Yay for posters and tshirts and posters!!!
    And also. I would be eternally glad if you did not kill me with your "or else" power.