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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All my followers get giant cookies.

Yay! Hugs! I'm so proud of you guys for being awesome! Everyone knows that by being awesome you have decreased suck levels by 13% each!!!

In other [unrelated] news, I am reading Outside Beauty by Cynthia Kadohata. I met Cynthia back in Arizona and have a hardback copy of "Weedflower" [which, coincidentally, I won] and it is signed by her! I love her books. Outside Beauty is a brilliant book so far, so intriguing and fun.

I finished Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson and it was one of the best books I've read in a long time. [lie; pretty much every book I've read since I started my book log has been amazing.] Spencer was my favorite character, I want to marry him.

Speaking of attraction...

I have discovered my... I don't know, the feature in the opposite sex that I find truly sexy.

You ready for this?

Yes. Arms.

I just look at Taylor Lautner's arms in the New Moon Poster and I just want to pet them. They're so... GRAWR. Yummy!!!

And Gerard's arms... amazing. [Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance, for the ignorant among you.] I have a picture of him on my Zune that, when I look at it, I don't stare at his face.
I stare at his sexyfine arms.

I realize this revelation may lose me some followers.... I AM NOT THAT CREEPY NORMALLY.


Anyway, I've been packing up my room since we move into our new house on FRIDAY!!!

I'm very excited. I'm going to have a Harry Potter/wizarding supplies shelf above my bed. I could pee joy. Harry Potter is my lover.

Also, listen to the acoustic version of Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin. It's gorgeous. And listen to 21 Guns by Green Day. It's off their new album and it's AMAZING. I could eat it for breakfast. It's lovely.

Anyway, have a good night/day/evening/midmorning snack/happy dance!



  1. Hmm...I've never thought about sexy guy arms...
    Hey, and I'm not among the ignorant! I do know who that dude that you where talking about is...uhh... No, I know who he is Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. Yup. Bye bye!

    ~Olivia :)

  2. I have to agree with you; Taylor Lautner is HOTT (Personally, I think he's the hottest one). But unfortunately, it looks like Kristen Stewart is caressing his arms in that poster. :( I like his hair. XD

    The song I love from My Chemical Romance is "Welcome to the Black Parade." At one point I was obsessed with it (ya know, singing it in school hallways and quiet art rooms and stuff). Hey, did you read the other books in the Uglies series??? I actually thought the second book was better than the first, but I loved the part with "SpagBol" in the first one. It's such a funny word!!! XD

    Do we really get giant cookies?!?! I LOVE giant sugar cookies. Even if it's a virtual cookie, I would like mine to be sugar, if possible. ;)

    I really wanted to read The Hunger Games!!!! Yeah, I'm taking a look at your book log now. :) Is Maureen Johnson the author who wrote The Bermudez Triangle? I really want to read that one too. Ugggh, I know how you feel: so many words, too little time. Talk to you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I'm sure John Green will be having a good happy dance!! :)

    ~Nerdette Ari