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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eeeeeee! EEEEE!!!!

I love My Chemical Romaaaaance you guyssssss.

Listen to their cover of All I Want for Christmas is You.

I wanna eat Gerard's face. He's so adorable!!!!! 8D

Also though, they're just so GOOD. Oh my god. I can't stop listening to them. They're so so so so GOOD.

I freaking love music.

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  1. This is quite random considering I haven't commented about anything relevant for a while now :(, but I think knitting scarves as Christmas gifts is a BRILLIANT (if not time consuming) idea!!! You should maybe get some multi-colored yarn; that would look awesome. I've attempted to knit scarves before, but they always take me over a year for some reason... Anyway, knitting is such a relaxing pastime and nerdfighters around the world (including you) should pride themselves on their skillz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TTYL, Oh Awesome Fedora person!!!

    ~Nerdette Ari