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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


TONIGHT was amazing!!!!! It was the Telling Room's release of their new anthology, "Tearing Down the Playground" which has a story of mine in it and my photograph is the COVER!!!!! I also sang the song I wrote in their Songwriting class with Emilia Dahlin!!!!!!!!!

I sang in front of soooo many people and they were clapping to the beat and I was glowing I was so happy!

THEN tons of people were coming up to me, exclaiming how good I was and how much I rocked!!!! THEN a woman had me sign the anthology and I got to see Alena (a super nice girl from photography class who wrote a fantastic poem) which rocked because I got her email so we can keep in touch!!!!

AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF we officially closed on the house today!!!!!

THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST DAY EVER. I met a woman from the Portland Hive, the writer's program I'm doing this summer, and she ADORED the short story I sent in for my application. She was telling me how excited she was to have me in the class and I was SO SO SO happy.

I hope every one of you had a good day today. TELL ME something good that happened to you today!!!! Give me a comment and tell me one good thing that happened today for you.

I love you all so so so much.


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