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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Singing, I can hear them singing...


The Bravery, their opening band, was kind of crappy but whatever. Green Day came on with 21st Century Breakdown, and I swear to God I jumped up the minute the music started and screamed along. At first not that many people around me were being AWESOME but then Billie Joe was like "I want every motherf*cker in this room to get the f*ck up RIGHT NOW!" And of course everyone obeys Billie Joe. He's amazing. <3

Anyway, they played so many fantastic songs. My hands are, literally, bruised from the crazy amount of clapping I did. There was clapping, there was stomping, there was arm-waving, and there was fists-in-the-air. My feet were killing me on the ride home, because I did not sit down once in two hours.

There was one part when Mike (bassist) put on, like, bunny ears, and Tre (drummer) had on this flowered hat, and Billie Joe was cracking up the whole time, and then he put on a policeman's hat. It was epic.

They pulled people on stage and stuff, too! They pulled this one little kid up at the end of East Jesus Nowhere and it was the funniest damn thing I'd ever seen. Little Henry. I was jealous of that child.

He also got three different people to sing the three verses of Longview, and the first chick was SO off-key and it was horrid, the dude for verse #2 sang it wrong but it was okay. Billie Joe started laughing when he sang it wrong, but not in a mean way, just like "omg lol" sort of. The last girl who sang did fantastic though, AND THEY ALL GOT TO HUG BILLIE JOE. FEEL MY WRATH, PEOPLE, FEEL IT. I wanted to move into the pit, because Billie Joe said in the very beginning "We need about 200 more people down here" but my dad was like "No." *scowls*

Anyway, he got some kid from the audience to play the guitar for Jesus of Suburbia, which was so freaking cool dude.

There was so much fire and explosions and epic moving background screens and flashing lights and strobe lights and multicolored lights... it was so amazing. It was such a good concert, and I screamed along to every word. Yes, even the swearwords. I dropped more F-bombs and S-bombs last night than I ever have in my entire life. (considering I pretty much never say either of those swears aloud.) But dude, no one could hear me, and everyone was saying it, so I did not care one smidge.

I got this epic t-shirt, too. (:

OH and there was this freaking drunk pink Easter bunny up on stage in between sets, and I was like O_O because it was this huge freaking pink rabbit!!! WHY.

Anyway, Billie Joe is the coolest man ever born (he, like, mooned stage left. It was hysterical. Oh my God.) and so are Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt. Tre was like, conducting the crowd with his drumstick. I love him.

It was the best night of my life, and the best concert that has ever been concerted.

I was singing the songs all night long.

I had a Snickers bar for dinner, and when I got home at 2:45 in the morning, I collapsed into bed in my Green Day shirt and jeans. I'm still wearing them.

[sings to self]
Billie Joe: "I said Heyyyyy ohhhhhh."
Billie Joe: "I SAID Heyyyyyy ohhhhhh."
[/sings to self]

There was this one part when Billie Joe held the Heyyyy-ohhhh for like 2 minutes, and then the crowd had to repeat it back for that long. It was awesome.

He ended the show with Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), which was perfect cuz the lyrics go "it's something unpredictable but in the end it's right, I hope you had the time of your life..."

I certainly did, Billie Joe. I certainly did.


  1. OMG I cant wait. : )
    What do the tour shirts look like? : )
    I'm going friday and saturday to there concerts. : ) Its going to be amazing.

  2. Lucky, you get to see them TWICE!!!
    There's all kinds of different shirts, some of them look like the album cover, some have the band on it, some just the name, ect.
    Have fun!

  3. OMG, that sounded like THE BEST FREAKING CONCERT EVER. I'm not kidding. That's is so awesomemazing; I was gonna see a Paramore/No Doubt concert at the beginning of the summer but my mom didn't let me go and we weren't gonna be able to get the tickets in time. Meh. But seriously, next time I'm gonna go straight for the Green Day tickets!!! Thanx for your post on our blog, fellow Nerdfighter!!!

    ~Nerdette Ari ^_^

    P.S. Love the pic on your blog's homepage!

  4. Ari: You totally should. Green Day puts on the best shows in the universe. :D