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Thursday, July 16, 2009

So. Draco Malfoy.

I think I'm a wee bit obsessed.

Heh heh.

Me and my BFF Rose are writing a story together. About Doctor Who. And Draco Malfoy. Tis Epic. YES.

I... may have ..... made Draco.... in love with, er....
me. Because I = stalkerish nerdball!!!! HOORAY.

I hope I'm not scaring anyone. Haha.
My OTHER BFF Sierra called Draco a wiener. I WAS MOST OFFENDED.

....I need medical help.
In other news, I finally got my bday prezzie from Sierra!!!! It was awesome!!!! LOADS of CDs and a a Target gift card!!!! THANK YOU SIEWWABEANS!!!!

I've been listening to la new Green Day CD nonstop, so as to prepare meself for la concert. 4 DAYS, PEOPLE. 4 DAYS. Technically I'd say 3 since today is over, so HAHA. 3 DAYS.

Holy crap. I think I may pee with excitement. I love concerts.

This is really rambling and long, so I shall go now.
Yay Draco! Yay Green Day! Yay Siewwa! Yay Rose! Yay everyoneeeeee! YAY HARRY POTTER. I MEAN SERIOUSLY. I LOVE THAT SCARHEADED BOY.


  1. Oh my lord that first picture of him makes me want to squeal. So *SQUEAL!!*

  2. Hee hee hee. Amen, Yarnie. Amen.

  3. How was youre concert? Im going to the Nashville and the Atlanta show : ) 6 and 7 days ! YAY!!!! Uber excited.XDD But anyays.. Yes Draco is the sex. : )

  4. Did you photoshop the second one from Jesse McCartney?

  5. Chelsie: the concert was AMAZINg and you are SO LUCKY!!!
    Jackie: I dunno, I found the pics on the wonders of Google images. :-P

  6. oooh,

    i too lovelovelove Draco!!

    that's how i came across this blogging thing :D

  7. dude i dont think ur weird at all!!!! i do that too!!!!!!!!! yay crazy obsessed and somewhat scary fans!!!!!!!!! i <3 draco a bit too much i think...in a good way.

  8. Dude... I used to hate draco, cause he was ugly, and he played a mean character. but when I went to show my mom a picture of him, he was like
    wayyy cuter. I guess he just matured alot.

  9. yesh, yesh i must agreee!!!! Draco is a super cutie!!! i actually also think Ron is quite adorable toooo!!!!! and no, ur not weird at all

  10. Amazing! Draco is sex in green and sliver! Slytherin Price forever baby!

  11. OMFG ahaha he's sooo effing hot!!! Slytherin Prince forever ;) that second picture is just waaay too hot hahaha he can be my bad boy ;)

  12. Nghhhh Draco is soo hot <33 The second picture is SOO amazing <33 He's too hot in that one >.< Urghh i want him for Christmas!!